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I am

A few times recently I have been asked the question, "What do you do for a living?" . I find myself grasping for a conventional short answer, Artist, Designer, Writer, Teacher, a simple one-liner that can be easily understood. But this inevitably leaves me feeling exactly the opposite, not really understood at all, fragmented, uncertain of how to explain myself and not really knowing which title to commit to in that moment. I don't usually put too much stock in labels, but they do serve a certain purpose and convey certain truths. Especially where my kids are concerned, they want to know what I do - what I call myself, or more specifically what they can tell their friends I do. My oldest tells people I am an Alchemist, which feels pretty genuine and more all encompassing that any other title, I suppose. I can imagine the questions that follow that definition, and I wonder if his friends envision me in a black pointy hat and cackling over bubbling green potion. My y

deep in the retrograde

The hidden gift of mercury retrograde is that the energy draws us backward and inward. It's a time for a mindful retrospective and to look for cracks in the foundation and new entry points within. Scrolling back through my photos to literally look back at my life, this was the very first one of the thousands I have saved. Love is Life. Yes. It's spot on with regard to what I wrote about in today's morning pages, that I need to dig in and find my source of love from within. And not just excavate it, but use it to create my own inner sustenance and sanctuary.  I've been jammed, lately, with a lot of mind/body turmoil. It's the same song and dance I've been singing for a long time now, so I'll spare you the rehashing of details. But I know this is my greatest work, my highest bar to clear, my magnum opus of sorts - to heal this relationship I have with my own self. It shows up in a lot of ways, on my plate, in my bank account, and through

the alchemy of hosting a creative gathering

It's been almost two years since I started hosting my informal creative brunches, and they've come to be an important part of my world. More than I ever imagined, these gatherings are sustenance for my soul and a wonderful way I can give back to the women in my community who support me and love on me in so many beautiful ways. There's just something about coming together in a space of joyful creativity and good food with no other expectations than to just be together, that is just so nourishing. A lot of people ask me how I pull together these gatherings, and I guess I never really thought in detail about the how ... just more the why , which I have always been very clear on when I began to open up my home and hold space for this magic to happen. So if you're longing to create space for hosting a creative gathering, here are a few things I learned along the way to make it as simple and stress-free as possible. 1. Know your why.  Intention is power. For me

full flower moon

Full moon in Scorpio. Lunar Beltane. It's a doozie, pushing through that space of light and dark and getting down to the hidden bones. I feel the hard work of it. The messiness. The marrow. I've sort of been achey in my head all weekend. But something wants to shift, so I am allowing space for whatever wants to be. In the nakedness. In the truth of my own flesh and blood. Into something more deeply rooted. It's not about abundance this time, it's about scraping away what's unnecessary and left over. And so this emerged in today's visioning.... naked and unafraid, truth teller... . and the truth is I am often afraid. Afraid I can't. Afraid I'm not enough. Afraid of what I can't control. But it's that fear that always walks me home. Maybe that looks like a kind of fearlessness, going with it hand in hand, and maybe in some ways it is. Yes, in some way it definitely is.