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full flower moon

Full moon in Scorpio. Lunar Beltane. It's a doozie, pushing through that space of light and dark and getting down to the hidden bones. I feel the hard work of it. The messiness. The marrow. I've sort of been achey in my head all weekend.

But something wants to shift, so I am allowing space for whatever wants to be. In the nakedness. In the truth of my own flesh and blood. Into something more deeply rooted.

It's not about abundance this time, it's about scraping away what's unnecessary and left over.

And so this emerged in today's visioning.... naked and unafraid, truth teller.... and the truth is I am often afraid. Afraid I can't. Afraid I'm not enough. Afraid of what I can't control. But it's that fear that always walks me home. Maybe that looks like a kind of fearlessness, going with it hand in hand, and maybe in some ways it is.

Yes, in some way it definitely is.