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love bomb

It was such a treat to be able to participate in The Love Letter Library 's secret project of spreading joy and random acts of LOVE. I took my stack of notes and journal with me to a recent trip into the city and sprinkled bits of encouragement wherever I wandered. It really was a thrill to be the Love Fairy and gift a stranger with a spark of light in their day. I tucked love notes into sweet little corners and wide open spaces, hoping all 10 of them would be discovered in a moment of wild and happy surprise! Oh, what fun it was to spread these messages love, as you never know how it could shift someone's world.

tucked into my rainbow-filled heart

Faith is an interesting thing to find at a Pride Parade, but faith, in a lot of ways is what we all found. Faith in who we are as a family, faith in our community, even a greater rising faith in humanity. Attending Pride as a family called into question it all, and admittedly before going I did worry over what questions might come up and what my kids might possibly see. But fear has no place at Pride. What we all encountered and were deeply embraced by, was such wild and overflowing LOVE and beauty. It was the kind of celebration that affirmed this truth in every way.... we are enough... and there is space in this world for everyone. And there is love, and support, and kindness, and care holding us all, even if it's sometimes hard to see.  To a 5 year old, it was a total lovefest. Even the wildest expressions of freedom just seemed like another joyous celebration of individuality. It's amazing that in the right context, girls in pasties and boys in m

lakeside sorcery

My Squam Journal, that I admittedly bought long before even having had the experience of setting foot by the mythical lake, tells the story of wild transformation. This is what Squam Art Workshops is to me. Yes, it's creativity, and togetherness, and a special life-affirming kind of sacred kinship deep in the womb of Mother Earth, but mostly it is a place for shedding and getting closer to the bone. Each year I arrive on the dock another year wiser and deeper in my truth, and season after season my entries in the Journal pages have shifted and grown... from a longing to simply arrive... then a desire for integration and expansion... and now claiming my place in the narrative in a way I never expected, with new knowledge (as always) to be gained. For me, the alchemy is all in the grit. This is the lesson I learn over and over. While I am all about the shiny things, it's in the underbelly that I truly thrive and come alive and become a weaver intangible, indelible thin

wild delight: postcards from squam

{just a peek...more to come soon...}