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lakeside sorcery

My Squam Journal, that I admittedly bought long before even having had the experience of setting foot by the mythical lake, tells the story of wild transformation. This is what Squam Art Workshops is to me. Yes, it's creativity, and togetherness, and a special life-affirming kind of sacred kinship deep in the womb of Mother Earth, but mostly it is a place for shedding and getting closer to the bone. Each year I arrive on the dock another year wiser and deeper in my truth, and season after season my entries in the Journal pages have shifted and grown... from a longing to simply arrive... then a desire for integration and expansion... and now claiming my place in the narrative in a way I never expected, with new knowledge (as always) to be gained.

For me, the alchemy is all in the grit.

This is the lesson I learn over and over.

While I am all about the shiny things, it's in the underbelly that I truly thrive and come alive and become a weaver intangible, indelible things.

Now, firmly rooted on this other side, behind the scenes of helping to make the all magic happen, I see this is really where I belong... granting wishes, illuminating dark corners (with twinkle lights, of course), and creating space for other people's dreams to come makes complete sense. This is how my own magic is born. It's what I love and am meant to do. Tend the fire. Light the way. And play in the shifting elements that reveal my own sort of sorcery.

On the full moon, the day before everyone arrived, I sat quietly in front of the fire and pulled these cards. Here is the naked truth:

Current situation :: Swan :: coming into my own, finding what is beautiful inside and out, letting go of old stories (The Ugly Duckling) and becoming who I'm meant to be. And during our Full Moon gathering later that morning on the dock, I pulled the Story card, by the way.

Current challenge :: Three of Cups :: resolution, healing, conclusion and balance around ideas regarding abundance and pleasure.

Past :: Loving (inverted) :: in the wilds of self love, learning the lessons and doing the work of loving myself in the way I love others.

Recent past :: Witch :: alchemy, magic, shifting and learning about the power of all the energy in my life.

Best outcome :: Four of Cups :: new knowledge.

Future :: Sage :: the wisest self.

Lake magic clearly delivered this spot-on message.

To say I am insanely grateful for the spirit-friends who've helped shepherd me here, and for this entire experience and opportunity, would be a huge understatement. To have work that is both meaningful and fulfilling, fun and joyful, is a gift. Lest you be fooled, it was really hard work. I came home and slept for days, and it's taken me some time to process the fact that I am in a new place entirely. Squam, but not the place I once dreamed of. The dream was bigger than I could have imagined for myself, which is the real transformational magic of SAW, and yet I'm in a place of my own making - this life of my own making, really, and that is the greatest revelation of all.

Blessed be.