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tucked into my rainbow-filled heart

Faith is an interesting thing to find at a Pride Parade, but faith, in a lot of ways is what we all found. Faith in who we are as a family, faith in our community, even a greater rising faith in humanity. Attending Pride as a family called into question it all, and admittedly before going I did worry over what questions might come up and what my kids might possibly see.

But fear has no place at Pride.

What we all encountered and were deeply embraced by, was such wild and overflowing LOVE and beauty. It was the kind of celebration that affirmed this truth in every way.... we are enough... and there is space in this world for everyone. And there is love, and support, and kindness, and care holding us all, even if it's sometimes hard to see. 

To a 5 year old, it was a total lovefest. Even the wildest expressions of freedom just seemed like another joyous celebration of individuality. It's amazing that in the right context, girls in pasties and boys in miniskirts can seem so benign and fun! The things I thought would be potentially "inappropriate" and had fear around being able to find adequate words for, turned out to be nothing more than part of the greater joy, and the awkward questions become so simple to answer... "They are celebrating being free and who they want to be!" - a notion we can understand at any age.

To an 11 year old, with a father who is bisexual, who only understands this truth from conversations and questions, it was context for a personal reality. As a mom it was so gratifying to watch him throughout the progression of the parade, slowly come to the realization that we are not alone or strange or "abnormal" in some way. To watch him spill open and embrace what it means to truly be proud about who you are, gave me such a solid realization that he will indeed find his own way into this world, strong and true, no matter what those truths are. 

And in a quiet moment just between the two of them, he told his dad he was so proud of him. Two hearts cracked wide open, in that moment.

As a family, it felt so important to be a part of this greater narrative. To be present to the blessings and the struggle, and ultimately the triumph and wild JOY.

Not to mention there was crazy good swag. The kids came home loaded up with rainbows and an abundance of happiness and love.

 I am so very proud.


  1. my heart is overflowing with LOVE and my smile is so BIG BIG BIG in this moment and yes am a bit happy teary with it all XOXOOX

    1. your words and love and support mean the world to me!!! thanks for being here to witness and share, e! xoxoxo


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