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fire in the belly

It is 90 degrees outside. We just passed the halfway mark of our summer Fire Coven circle with so much inspiring heat and creative burn happening. Just finished hosting a weekend of dreaming and doing and exploring, topped off with a field trip to the movies to see Magic Mike (whew!) you know, for work purposes ;)  I've been workshopping and sharing a draft of a sexy little story that I'm flushing out for later, in my love letters, and also realized that these Life, Unabashed stories has hit over 23 thousand words! In the studio, I'm beginning a piece about - consent - for the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health's anniversary bash and art exhibition. On top of all that, last week I co-created and sent in my very first live class submission for sex school coming this fall, something I've been wanting to do, (but really nervous about!) for a very long time.   Clearly, I am in the season of FIRE! Please send buckets of ice. Stat.