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inside of imagination

Our castle exploring took us inside the imagination of one man's passion, and was a gateway into our own places of awe and discovery as we envisioned what it must have been like to live inside these walls.....

sacred scholarships, feeling fallish & full moon medicine

Focusing on aligned choices, spiritual connection, purification and cleansing, serendipities with nature and the elements and all that is mystical, this Full Moon is a ripe one. I've certainly felt the pull to clean and organize, ground and connect, and before reading about this weekend's lunar forecast I had just cleaned and organized my studio, threw all the bed linens into the wash, and opened all the windows to let in the fresh fallish air. Truly, this morning has felt like a revelation. While we've been enjoying the last of summer's sweetness, the shift to autumn has begun. New year energy. A new school for my oldest. Brand new soul-offering almost ready to begin.  In the spirit of all the grace and gratitude in response to this Wish Alchemists Circle , I have decide to offer a few  Sacred Scholarships to fill this circle. So, if you are YES to the desire inside of your own life and wish to commit the better part of this next school year to dre

joyous body, wild flesh

I always need a safe container.  This is true for all of my work, whether it be within my day to day schedule, devotion to my writing and other practices, or the physical presence of my studio table that is always ready for my creative projects. With this new way of eating, it's been f inding freedom inside of 1480. Calories that is. That is the healthful number I was given to begin with. What I wanted to do differently this time was to make space for healthy food choices that were not an act of defiant depravation, but rather a fierce kind of listening and honoring of my body. True  nourishment. And what I found was that inside of this magic number, there was plenty, spaciousness, abundance and... freedom! This awareness has made all the difference, being able to choose  how I eat while  staying close to love in every bite. No guilt. No pressure. All grace. Here's what I've learned thus far: * Eating intuitively is where it's at.   I don't prescri

Wish Alchemists Circle

"Powerful women sometimes take decades to recognize that they are straight-up sorcerers."  Amber Tamblyn It began with an intense longing. For what? I'm not exactly sure. My entry point, way back then, was a shiny new blogging community and the undeniable tug of creative expression. It was a way to finally hear my own voice. What I found in the wake of a feverish devotion to these unnamed desires, the constant pull towards a surprise ending I never could have expected, was that it all began and ended with my own true heart.  These core truths have held the most powerful and profound answers to every one of my burning questions. It wasn't a thing I had been wishing for, or even an experience or certain kind of success. That's only what it looked like from the outside. Now, having walked through the fire year after year, on the other side is not perfection or some pinnacle of life, it is a greater view of the entire landscape and all the peaks and v

the things we carry

There is nothing like family time to bring into focus the myriad of feelings, memory, and story that inevitably become the wild and complex stew which feeds our lives. Our past is deeply embedded into our narrative DNA, and we all carry both blessings and broken parts. There is so much for each of us to unearth, discover, celebrate, and heal. I think it is this human part of living that is most compelling to me - that we all have burdens to carry, lessons to learn and gifts to share as imperfect, evolving human beings, and no matter what the heartaches and triumphs look like in our lives, underneath it all it is simply a universal quest to love and be loved in the best way we know how. It is a tough gig. I feel the pull to prevail, to not be defined by the past, but to find my own ways of happiness and peace - to only carry with me what it is good and strong and beautiful. There is so much. But I also want to understand the mythos and lean into those spaces where our histories

wild embodied life

Embody.  It feels like forever that I've wanted to live inside this ideal, and I realize now that little by little, year after year, I was. Even when I was struggling, every turn around the sun I was learning, becoming, shedding... coming to this place of finally being able to be true in my own skin, match what's inside to what's outside. For me this is the next lesson, and one of the most pivotal layers of my letting go. I've been on the cusp of this change for years, especially since embracing a more authentic kind of sexuality, it's felt like a bright yearning buried somewhere just out of reach. That's the thing about authenticity, it doesn't start and end with one thing. Every truth unearths the next, and you either choose to embrace each as it comes and evolve or fight it and stay in some way stuck. As my kids have taught me, it's all about leveling up, and my soul whispers the same urgent message... keep going... more freedom, more ligh