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sacred scholarships, feeling fallish & full moon medicine

Focusing on aligned choices, spiritual connection, purification and cleansing, serendipities with nature and the elements and all that is mystical, this Full Moon is a ripe one.

I've certainly felt the pull to clean and organize, ground and connect, and before reading about this weekend's lunar forecast I had just cleaned and organized my studio, threw all the bed linens into the wash, and opened all the windows to let in the fresh fallish air. Truly, this morning has felt like a revelation.

While we've been enjoying the last of summer's sweetness, the shift to autumn has begun. New year energy. A new school for my oldest. Brand new soul-offering almost ready to begin. 

In the spirit of all the grace and gratitude in response to this Wish Alchemists Circle, I have decide to offer a few Sacred Scholarships to fill this circle. So, if you are YES to the desire inside of your own life and wish to commit the better part of this next school year to dream excavation and the work of truth and dare, send me a letter speaking to your why. I'd love nothing more than to wave my magic wand and make this happen for you (limited scholarships will be granted on an as-needed basis). Let's be all-in together! 

And if your heart is set on making more Alchemy Cards, the fall round will be open for registration next week! Our Earth Guides are gorgeously grounded and so so wise, and I can't wait to share with you who will be offering up their magic to you. In the meantime I've begun gathering up all the yummy bits for Earth Alchemy Kits, which is a creative process that makes me so darn giddy. This time I even have an extra special treat for you, created by an extra special co-inspirer (squee!). 

So, here's to releasing into all there is to come! All the goodness. All the magic. All the connection.