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the things we carry

There is nothing like family time to bring into focus the myriad of feelings, memory, and story that inevitably become the wild and complex stew which feeds our lives. Our past is deeply embedded into our narrative DNA, and we all carry both blessings and broken parts. There is so much for each of us to unearth, discover, celebrate, and heal.

I think it is this human part of living that is most compelling to me - that we all have burdens to carry, lessons to learn and gifts to share as imperfect, evolving human beings, and no matter what the heartaches and triumphs look like in our lives, underneath it all it is simply a universal quest to love and be loved in the best way we know how.

It is a tough gig.

I feel the pull to prevail, to not be defined by the past, but to find my own ways of happiness and peace - to only carry with me what it is good and strong and beautiful. There is so much. But I also want to understand the mythos and lean into those spaces where our histories overlap. Family is tribe, and I can only understand who I am by understanding where I come from.

Most of all, I just feel so much compassion for all of us trying to make something of our time here on this earth. I can only hope that the legacy I leave behind is one that simply speaks of LOVE.


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