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you are my sunshine

my only sunshine you make me happy, when skies are gray you never know dear how much I love you please don't take, may sunshine away

being *out* is not all or nothing

Rather, it's a journey of a million steps, as I am learning. I sing this tune a lot. For me, being out is about so many different things.... it's naming it and claiming it, it's being willing to share the narrative, it's embracing non-fear/shame based living. But it's also about being mindful and strategic and safe, especially as a mom of two young boys. I think I struggle most with dealing with the discomfort of others. Having some sense of control over where and what I share has been critical, and giving other people the option to not have to know the intimate details has sort of been my way thus far. But I'm not exactly sure what I'm truly modulating. The most tender details of my journey have been met with, "you go, girl!" and "thank you" , and "me too" , so why does it sometimes feel so impossibly BIG to be in these conversations? Holding space through my own vulnerability is tricky. I'm ready to have


In the immortal words of my wise 6 year old, when all is crazygood and so much more.... it was epic! I'm touched over and over again by the magic inside this gathering and the time I get to spend with 150 amazing and gorgeous souls by this mystical lake. There is nothing like being with your kindreds, face to face, in shared devotion to creativity and love. There's also a certain wisdom in these waters - the wild sensation of deeply letting go, inhabiting the present, and a kind of gratitude and spiritual connection I can't really put into words. It is down to the bone and grace in action, for sure. Every time I return here I am made new, again and again. In the end, I always feel a bit at a loss for words. I am grateful and overflowing and in awe of all the joy and beautiful connecting. Blessed be.

the courage to make it happen

I am inside of the sacred container of my own work with 60 other wild women. I can feel how this new devotion and rhythm will have a certain velocity in my life, both a challenge and a gift, buoyant and grounding, full of grit as well as grace.  It is in these dualities that it all happens. Must be all the new kitty spirit magic  working in my world, and our little Luna kitten bringing lessons in shadow and light.  And so this is color story I've fallen into for autumn! Rich, dark, decadent. These cards called to me in this complex place I am in, wild with heavy emotion and ripe with powerful possibility, a duality I am trying to work through for sure. Loyalty, Trust, Courage.... are the themes showing up, and what I am grounding in to carry me through this month that is proving to be a mad tumble of life in extremes. It's when I forget my power that I lose my way, so today these are my reminders. 

and so it begins

password: trust Because we all need support and to be seen and heard in the day to day of our lives and work. Day one of my Wish Alchemists Circle. A peek inside the history, the narrative, and the place we are about to go. How we will find our rhythm and our sacred ways, name hidden desires, and claim the wishes that are waiting to be born. Truth and dare. If you wish to join us.... there is still time. Registration closes on Friday, September 4th.  All the information is, here.