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i see

When I was a teenager, my friends used to come by the house to chat with my mom about life and love and relationship woes. She had a trifecta of superpowers at her disposal, maternal instinct, clinical skills, and social nuance that drew people in to the alter of our kitchen stove. It was a place to see and be seen, share stories that made you laugh or cry or sometimes both at the same time. There were cigarettes and real talk, and my mom would always give it to you straight. At least that's how I remember it. That is how it is even now, minus the Virginia Slims and hum of the stovetop air vent. Though if you asked her directly, she might disagree, I see my mom as a healer. A healer of broken hearts, broken families, broken spirits. She has the gift of seeing you clearly, and that is what has alway served her kind of magic out in the world, though her approach is much more pragmatic. I know this more by hearing it from others than by witnessing it myself as I see her mostl