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december reflections

1. Sparkle 2. Hot Drink 3. Best Day of 2015 4. Red 4. Sacred Space 5. Best Book of 2015 6. Branches 7. Five Things About Me  9. Favorite Photo of 2015 10. Shadow 11. Gold 12. Best Decision of 2015 13. A is for... Athen 14. The Space In-between 15. Soundtrack of 2015 (and Justin Bieber) 16. I Said Hello To 17. My Smile 18. Circles 19. I Said Goodbye to (16 lbs whoo hoo!) 20. Warmth 21. Numbers 22. Solstice 23. Delicious 24. One Year Ago (goodbye Oscar) 25. Love Is 26. Real Life 27. 2015 Taught Me (faith + love, forever) 28. A Secret Wish for 2016 29. Home 30. Thank You For (all the magic and all the love!) 31. My Word for 2016 (more on this soon!) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

a prayer to christmas morning

the wild protector of their Holiday Spirit

This year, I really feel myself resisting the commercial holiday push. I deleted all the Black Friday emails as soon as they came in. I have not yet put up my tree. I'm not quite ready to listen to Christmas music. It's not that I don't feel in the spirit or feel particularly Grinchy. I've actually almost finished all of my holiday shopping, got my holiday cards all set to go, and have already made plenty of good-tidings treats. More than ever though, I am feeling called to lay claim over the season in my own ways and rhythms , to be deeply rooted in what this time of year means to me, especially in the the eyes of my boys. They will find their own meaning, but I feel fiercely protective of that sacred space of discovery and trying to shield them from the raging commercial machine. So this means a much softer easing-in on our own time. Wish AND give lists being scribbled. Glittered seashells and pine scented candles in the midst. Handmade teacher gifts that focu