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the wild protector of their Holiday Spirit

This year, I really feel myself resisting the commercial holiday push. I deleted all the Black Friday emails as soon as they came in. I have not yet put up my tree. I'm not quite ready to listen to Christmas music. It's not that I don't feel in the spirit or feel particularly Grinchy. I've actually almost finished all of my holiday shopping, got my holiday cards all set to go, and have already made plenty of good-tidings treats.

More than ever though, I am feeling called to lay claim over the season in my own ways and rhythms, to be deeply rooted in what this time of year means to me, especially in the the eyes of my boys. They will find their own meaning, but I feel fiercely protective of that sacred space of discovery and trying to shield them from the raging commercial machine.

So this means a much softer easing-in on our own time. Wish AND give lists being scribbled. Glittered seashells and pine scented candles in the midst. Handmade teacher gifts that focus more on doing than buying. For me, it's dialing in the calm and the intentions, and resisting the store-bought story of stress and frenzy and buy, buy, buy. I'm trying to create a container for sacred celebration. Slow and low, that is the tempo.

Because, I hope this season's story will ultimately be about Joy, Grace,  Giving, Gratitude, Light and Togetherness.

And of course I do want my kids to have. The holiday experience is a right of passage and magical in its sparkly abundance, and I remember that feeling well. No doubt, they will have for sure. Three Christmas celebrations within our exuberant womb of family, plus Hannukkah, as well as all the parties thrown into the mix ensure there is always loads of having in December. But what I don't want is for the having to overshadow everything. It makes me keenly aware of what we, and others in this world, truly need, and it is achingly not about any of the extra piles of stuff.

What I want my boys to have most is meaning and connection to these experiences, with memories and traditions all tied up with a shiny, everlasting bow. I know then, that they will have everything they need.

So decidedly, that is what I am focusing on giving them this year... something less tangible, less fancy or visible, and I'm completely okay with not being the bestower of the biggest and best presents. In fact, it feels almost necessary - to be the wild protector of their Holiday Spirit.

There will be latkes and stockings and a tree full of gifts, but more as the icing on the cake and not the main event. I'm so grateful and lucky that other people in our lives have happyily taken on the more traditional and beloved role of Santa. It's a role I have never really aspired to, and a story I've never really resonated with as a mom or have perpetuated beyond my kid's own curiosity and reason. We've always let them decide for themselves if they want believe, a value that seems most important to pass on, allowing me to be more of a keeper of thier own kind magic-making. Together we are alchemizing tradition, gifts, and everything handed down to us into our own kind of Magic, and what truly makes the season bright.


  1. Hey! So.. I'm just reading this blog post now, on 12/13, and it's resonating so much with me. We are having a warm winter here (I'm in CT) and I feel a lot of fuss and pressure from others about it not feeling like Christmas and all of that. I love what you say here about the holiday Spirit and that is what I am taking in on my own and trying to share with my son---abundance is so much more than how much is under the tree.

    You mentioned making gifts for their teachers--that peaked my interest. I typically end up getting Barnes & Noble gift cards for his teachers, but this year, I have been wanting to do something different for them. There was an incident this fall where I felt particularly connected to these 4 women who spend so much time with my boy and want to acknowledge that in a way beyond what I've already expressed to them in my thanks back at the time. Your one sentence here triggered a bit of inspiration. Now to sit with that for a bit and see where it goes...

    Thanks for sharing. (P.S. I stumbled across you on Instagram and enjoy your photos. I think I may have read your blog years back... I'm not sure. I think so though and am happy to rediscover you! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!)

    I don't have a URL or whatever, so I'm commenting as Anonymous, but my name is Lucille.

    1. Lucille, I am so glad we (re)connected and that there are sparks of something good for you here! It sounds like you are in the process of creating some wonderful inspired magic over in your corner of the world, and that is always such a great feeling - to connect more to our own meaning within. It made me think of Charlie Brown, while watching the spacial with my kids! Maybe it's an age old problem...trying to stay pure of heart and intent amidst all the tinsel and presents. I think some of us feel the disconnect more than others, so finding way to keep those spirit embers burning. blessing on your holiday season! and thank you for stopping by to share you thoughts. xo

  2. I just found this blog post today as well, while getting ready to link to your site in a blog post...BOY, does this post resonate for me, as I have been so tired of certain aspects of the holiday season that never made me happy, but I would 'play along' for my beloved, who was actually raised in the Jewish faith with people who partake in 'commercial Christmas'. But I am ready to 'shake off' the old expectations and begin to step into doing what feels RIGHT FOR ME for the holidays, even though it will mean being screamed at (yet again!) by someone who cares more about what they want for the holidays than they care about me being happy observing this sacred season in a way that brings me peace of mind and happiness. Thank you for this post and the Daily Dose of Alchemy!

    1. I am so glad you are finding the magic of your own intuitive ways! And thanks so much for being a part of the December alchemy and your kind words. sending much Joy and peace to you this season!!! xo


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