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my temple, heart & home





This is my little slice of heaven on earth.

How I was gifted with such a blessing, I'll never know, but this corner in which we live has both a grounding force and guiding light that's become the very rhythm of our day to day. This water has its own heartbeat and healing powers and we have attuned to it more and more over the years, calling this place home, a sanctuary to us in every way, both literally and figuratively.

I have sat by the basin's edge watching my children catch minnows in big plastic tubs, gathered with kindred souls on the dock while soaking in the sunlight, spent time writing, painting and dreaming by its calming waves, laughed as my husband paddles the kids in the kayak, waited for the fall ducks to swim up and ring in a new school year, held my breath through many passing storms churning out to sea, ebbed and flowed with each new season and tide, watched foxes and birds and artists flock to its shore, and have been left breathless by countless numbers of blazing pink sunsets. 

Much of my life unfolds here, and the ever-changing beauty always has a new stories to tell. 

I've photographed this view more times than I can count, and recently I thought how lovely it might be to capture and share the shifting tides and changing seasons, chronologically. Because in each and every day there is something unnamed yet glorious unfolding - a sacred story within an entire year. Maybe it's the aching possibility of each new dawn, the assurance of one day melting into the next and how the water and sky reflect what feels the closest thing to Faith I have ever known. Whatever it is, it's power and truth and love and hope all rolled into one.

So, I'm sharing this new series in hopes that you might catch a glimpse of this awe and wonder too. It's seriously good mojo. You can follow along at #plumislandbasin365


  1. oh how your summer and fall photo have my heart. They are stunning. You live in such a spiritually healing place!

    1. thank you...I really do! I am so glad you've come to visit. <3


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