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my word of 2016

In ninth grade I took Latin as a means to an end, that was actually never meant to be, but it served a greater purpose which I understand more fully, now. While my experience in that high school class was less than stellar (I got a D which was earned, and my teacher really disliked me which was not earned), I always had an affinity for this language that is the mother of so many others. Veni. vidi, vicci. My love affair with words and all aspects of linguistics runs true and deep, and it was around this time that I also found my power through writing. I've always loved to write, as it is where my voice feels the most clear and strong and true. It is saying things out loud that always seems the greatest challenge.

So while in search of my Word of the Year, it is no surprise that I found it within this hidden romance language. I searched for a weeks, writing lists and feeling my way around many words... for the right one to convey a sense of grounded strength as well wise momentum - deeply connected to both the giving and receiving. I want the focus to be on shoring up core energies around health, money, relationships. I researched diagrams of plants and trees reading words that describe root systems, like sapwood and heartwood, and realized quickly that I needed a word that described more of the energetic whole, the entire virtuous circle, and not just one single part. Ever into wholeness.

We don't really have a single word for this kind of dual concept in English, but I found it in a Latin lexicon.... hence, Inveterasco ----> it means, essentially, roots and wings.

in - ve is to send inward.

ter is having to do with the earth, ground

asco refers to growth, and the system which helps to sustain something

Inveterasco :: it means I grow, I become.... but specifically in a way that is fortifying, more rooted, more established, more wise. It is about grounded growth to ensure prevailing constancy. It is reciprocal energy, inward seeking and outwardly reaching, to achieve longevity and perpetuity.

As you can see, it is the perfect word.

Sometimes the magic comes from places you least expect, and today I am oddly thankful for my freshman year foreign language misadventure.

May all of your 2016 Word wishes come true.
Happy New Year!

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