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soul labor, tarot, and vulva cupcakes

This is my year of rooting deeper. Inveterasco. A mantra. A prayer. A wish.

For some time now, I have been searching for new ways in. To somehow extract the work and stories that are deep in my belly, still under the layers aching to be told. I can feel them pushing for the surface.

"where the spirit meets the bone."

Always. And so I am thinking about amplitude... the maximum extent of a to reach deeper into myself and further out to you.


The signs of soul labor are all around me, in my notebooks, all over my studio, in the conversations I am finally having out-loud, that I am about to expand into a brand new layer and birth yet another conception. It feels like bravery and clarity and velocity and passion and fear, all rolled into one. That's how I know it's time, that I am ready.

Come with me! I want to connect in wild new ways. This is, above all, about togetherness.

There are always surprises, but here is what I know is coming into being for you and I in 2016.... (it's going to be so good!)

A new website. It has been on the burner simmering for a few seasons, and I am finally in the process of getting ready to serve it up! I've struggled with the idea of biggering, wanting to avoid taking on more virtual space than I truly need, as it was wonderful to come back to online simplicity two years ago when I left and went back to Blogger shedding a lot of administrative weight. I want to be really mindful with expansion and realize I don't need uber fancy in order to be happy and successfully functional. In fact, that is not my jam at all. So the new changes will be more of a visual re-alignment, a gorgeous redecorating and reorganization of to encompass my current mojo and where my work is going. Look for changes to roll out over the next few weeks. Yippee!

Studiofemme. The call to hold more in-person space has been on my radar since last year, and with so many Brunches under my belt I feel ready to finally offer the experience that is most meaningful to my work. It's going to be bold and beautiful and life-changing, an in-person, out loud, luxe creative conversation and celebration around intimacy, unlike any other. Look for the first event in February! For details coming very soon, hop onto my mailing list over here. This is the work I know I am meant to be doing.

#exploringyoursexy. This work will be stepping into the spotlight, this year. I am ready. We have set the foundation through our exchanges inside Life Unabashed, by diving deeper in our Real Sex talks, and by acknowledging as a community that these conversations are so necessary and needed. So I have planned for you a sexy interview series called Making Love, an online workshop for you to name and claim your sexual values and desires, as well as all the wild mischief we'll be making inside Studiofemme. This is an invitation to explore your sexy! We are are soooo going there this year. Like, for realz.

Wishcraft. My Inner Alchemy Cards are going on an adventure this year. After almost 8 incredible rounds of soulful card making and inner exploration, like all things, the process wants to evolve. I am listening, and in the next go-round we will be creating our own tarot inspired deck in seasons aligned with the Wheel of the Year and its elements represented as cups and wands and pentacles and swords. It will be a way to learn, to find deeper understanding and connection to the tarot and our our true hearts, in a wildly personal way. I am seriously over the moon excited!

I am channeling in loads of togetherness, new opportunities for lush discovery and intimate connection inside brave sacred circles filled with disco ball sparkle, laughter (so much laughter!) and stories of freedom and truth.

And yes, there will be vulva cupcakes.

Here we go, 2016.



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