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all is ripening

{the peonies in DC were sublime!}

I am deep in the ripening. There are so many things going on behind the scenes, that I thought I'd share with you snippets of what's burning my midnight oil. This always seems to be the wild way of spring, the last push before summer's sweet repose. Here we go!

My Wish Alchemy enews is shifting to a new bimonthly New Moon//Full Moon format. In case you think I've forgotten you, today on the 1st.... look for the next newsletter on the May New Moon.

Juicy Shop update. I am always collecting beautiful things in my travels and wanderings. It's time to share them with you! New goodies will be in my Etsy shop this week... gemstones from the mineral and gem show, natural treasures from local alchemy shops, and one-of-a-kind vintage curiosities I've found and embellished, and new Alchemy Art created with gem-infused paint elixirs! Good things are coming.

Get ready for a May New Moon Brunch. As it turns out, my next Brunch also falls on the New Moon, so happy togetherness in the energy of ripening and new beginnings next Friday! Hope to see you then.

Wishcraft pre-registration is open! There is so much excitement around this new card making class, and I am thrilled to offer my community first dibs on this next adventure. Gratitude pricing is available through May for all alumni and subscribers.

The Inner Alchemy Cards: Elements guidebook has begun to take shape. It looks to be a gorgeous collaborative project due out this summer - over 40 wildly inspiring women will contribute their work! It is 4 seasons and 4 elements of card making mojo with prompts, pictures and magic galore. I hope to have this in your hands for summer beachside reading!

Full Moon Solstice Circle on Plum Island! I will be hosting a celebratory workshop to raise energy, connect, and set intentions for this season of heat and light. There will be henna, and making, and loads wildgirl togetherness. Details on Friday!

My next online class, this July, is going to be a deep dive into #exploringyoursexy. Truth & Dare will be juicy mixed media workshop during the season of fire, and in the wilds of your hot, sacral mojo. A little sexy revolution coming your way inside a sacred safe space. Ready to ripen? (Oh, yes.)

And then it's a free fall into some serious summering and rest! I hope we will connect in one of these beautiful ways!