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spirit lines

In Navaho weavings you will often find a small horizontal line stitched into one corner of a rug or tapestry. This weaver's pathway, or spirit line, is believed to create an exit that allows the energy and spirit of the maker to escape the detailed narrative she delves into with all her heart and power, so she does not get stuck in one place or story when she is finally finished with the piece. As every stitch holds meaning and momentum, it is meant to ensure that she is able to leave one creative journey and move on to the next. Some might see this as an imperfection, but really it is a beautiful part of the work.

I feel like much of my life and makings have this built-in exit strategy, a similar kind of spirit line woven into everything I do. All of it is a living, breathing, organic process that I'm inspired to share, and the energy around what manifests in my world shifts from day to day. Words that feel powerful one morning can feel uncertain, another. An idea that comes in with much sparkle and boom, can turn out to be not quite fully formed or ready for the world, but the only way for me to know is to move through it, give myself over and commit to it completely, and then always know that there is a pathway for undoing. It is possible to give something your whole heart, and then gracefully, without shame, let it go. I have done this countless times and I have learned that nothing is ever immovable of final. I need the answers these pathways provide.

The undoing is actually part of the soul work too.

This process is inherently messy. The only way I know if something will root is to plant it deeply and give it all my care. Sometimes things don't ever flower and I must choose not see this as failure, just information for the next journey as well as fuel and inspiration for what beautiful things do come to wild fruition. It's tender work, but I feel like all I desire, all I wish for, all that tugs my heart is worthy of a chance. To not scatter the seeds would be perilous in its own way.

I have to remember I always have permission to change my mind. There is always a graceful way out and always another creative adventure to be had. My soul is never contained or defined by one creative act or another. It is all a part of the bigger, grander vision.