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wanton spiritual desire

As I wind deeper into the mystical landscape of my creativity and sacred sexuality, the more connection points I keep uncovering between these similar feral places.

It's not at all surprising, but always inspiring and in so many ways also deeply confirming. The fiery, sweet spot of sacral generative mojo that lies within all of my work and wanderings has a soul-centered pull that I keep inadvertently and deliciously get drawn into, again and again and again. It is clear I am on a very certain trajectory. Even though I can't always see too far ahead, the path still finds me with meaning and velocity, especially since having made the connection that my creative work has always been its own kind of wanton spiritual adventure.

Always more desire to chase.

The sexuality workshop I attended Wednesday night had me driving up the coast to a small town in Maine, following the waning light and wayward thoughts of my own wanting. We sat in a close circle reflecting on similarities between spiritual journeywork and sacred sex - how in our coupling we are able to mindfully design expansive and incendiary experiences with power, specificity, and sublime pleasure and intent.

Yes. This is language of my heart. Ritual, breath, rhythm, simplify, embodiment, transformation. This path of creating from profound love and desire, is my lush adventure of this lifetime.

Lighting candles and illuminating connection.

Breathing out, as he breathes in.

Allowing for the expanse of every pleasure and story.

Feeling the aliveness of my heart through making with hands.

Distilling my purest truth.

Inviting in all the lessons.

And I will always hunger for more.


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