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rebel warrior love

Because I needed a place to pour my own heart. Because I wanted to know that this love and support exists in my little community. Because we need more visibility for our LGBTQ friends and allies. Because wishes hold power. Because we can all be Rebel Love Warriors. Because together, we are a force to be reckoned with. Because  your words   matter . Because this is the kind of world I want to live in. Because making rainbows and making a statement is how we can move through the hard stuff. Because more LOVE! Because LOVE and WISHES win. The Rainbow Wishing Tree will be moving to Salem, MA for North Shore Pride ! Come make your wish and celebrate! Stay tuned here for location and updates <3 AND THANK YOU FOR ALL THE LOVE!!!

the lovers, the dreamers, and me

{photo by Alex} Oh, the difference a year can make. This time last June was our family's first adventure into Boson for Pride . We were ready to show up and include the kids. What felt tender and a little scary even, was a huge step forward for all of us. Are we doing the right thing?  - the eternal question on a parent's mind. There were a lot of new conversations, questions, curiosities, and probably even uncertainties. Even Alex was stepping out in bigger and braver ways to be the kind of man and father he believes in. It meant so much to stand beside him. To see him and love him in all the ways. It still does. Though time shifts all things, and this year's parade was different for all of us. Still celebratory. Still questions. But the conversations expand and feel more rooted as we all integrate information with experience.  At 6, he has not yet asked about how babies are made, but love, he understands. He is learning to question the confines of ge

lake effect

In the days following Squam, I always clear my calendar. There is work to be done in the re-entry. Aside from the piles of laundry and loads of unpacking, there is a sweet, slow integration and sinking in that begs for solitude, spaciousness and epic napping. Mining the gems takes time. The resonance of what was shared and what I experienced echoes in the days after, and I am listening deeply - so much to reflect upon and so many joy-filled moments to sift through. I always find new pieces of my heart when I am by the lake. The deepest stories are in the connections. Whatever I carry with me into the woods, is what I will find. The relationships somehow become perfectly distilled reflections of the hopes, the fear, the uncertainty, the vulnerability, the love. Truth, manifested. This time in particular, I feel as though I was seen and loved on like crazy. Not only just in simple passing kindness and gratitude, but in solid waves of beautiful full-on LOVE . Maybe I was more open.