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shine on

If you're like me (or you know, just alive and human), the latest flow of tragedies in our world might have your heart feeling a bit flayed. I can only be on social media for short stints, popping in to watch  baby turtles eating raspberries and to find other luscious soul snacks  as a way to hold onto the light. I can only read so much doom and gloom in one sitting, and so I've been fairly quiet digesting and processing all the bile at a pace that I can handle. Focusing on the good stuff, on making sparks fly and conjuring creative magic is my rescue remedy. More than ever, it feels like a lifeline. I'm holding on to birthday party planning for my boys, passion projects, sunsets and cotton candy on the boardwalk, and good old fashioned rest.... all the tiny beautiful things. So I thought I'd beam some of my own soul-medicine your way. To let you know I feel you. I'm here for you. We can stand in the light together. Here are a few things that might

a constellation of scars

Truth be told, this one little word is a hard won battle scar as much as it is a beautiful prayer. Indelibly. Infinitely. Unfailingly. Because I sometimes forget the lesson when it comes to my own heart, and every so often I still get lost in wild tangles of despair. I need this reminder, this breadcrumb trail back to my own true north... that love comes not from being worthy or good enough, that it is not something to strive for or earn, rather it's embedded in every molecule of being and alive in every single breath. Yours and mine. We only have to choose it, to believe it, to allow it. I continue to learn this lesson, again and again. My skin already holds endless stories of sadness and loss, scars like constellations that have kissed my flesh too bright and hot, to slowly fade with the painful memories of burning stars. Maybe this word can claim some of that back, fill the space between suffering and becoming, a salve for all the parts that ache and sometimes