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If you're like me (or you know, just alive and human), the latest flow of tragedies in our world might have your heart feeling a bit flayed. I can only be on social media for short stints, popping in to watch baby turtles eating raspberries and to find other luscious soul snacks as a way to hold onto the light. I can only read so much doom and gloom in one sitting, and so I've been fairly quiet digesting and processing all the bile at a pace that I can handle.

Focusing on the good stuff, on making sparks fly and conjuring creative magic is my rescue remedy. More than ever, it feels like a lifeline. I'm holding on to birthday party planning for my boys, passion projects, sunsets and cotton candy on the boardwalk, and good old fashioned rest.... all the tiny beautiful things.

So I thought I'd beam some of my own soul-medicine your way.

To let you know I feel you.

I'm here for you.

We can stand in the light together.

Here are a few things that might brighten your sky....

Fresh flowers // You know things are at ground zero when the man who does not believe in buying flowers comes home with a big colorful bouquet for you. It's not that he's not romantic like that, he's just a flower humanitarian who only likes to give living things. I have a house full of rooted trees and plants to prove it (my Valentine ficus being my favorite). But the summer blooms are making me seriously happy... and you can go even deeper and explore their meanings, which I always love to do.

Beautiful images // While we are on the topic of my husband, many of you have often asked about his side of the story in our modern mash-up of a life. Someday he will write a bit I hope (he's got lots of stories to tell), but in the meantime you can peek at his IG for a look through his eyes at our colorful world. I love his view, and he's a damn good photographer if I do say so myself.

Send love // Life is short. So, more love! This will be my 5th(?) time participating in the Love Notes postcard swap, a practice I truly adore and look forward to every time. Kids are now invited to participate and join the growing group of world-wide love warriors! So fun to give and receive good mail for a few weeks. Sign up today (or a kiddo you know) - it begins next week.

Contribute // There are endless ways to make a difference in something you care about, win/win ways to feel like you are actually improving our world in some small way. I'll be contributing to the local conservation effort by donating some artwork to their fundraising event (please sign the petition, if you wish to help!). Jamie's project is also an amazing way to reach out. Sharing your time, talents and wisdom is always invaluable to all hearts involved.

New magazines // Not only are they always good for word hunting and making art, but they are essential for hitting the beach (which I have not done much of yet, but plan to soon!). My local library has a swap area for periodicals that I am constantly contributing to and raiding, and occasionally I'll splurge on something new - like the latest issue of Happinez. So good. And that name! Loving all the gorgeous indie mags these days, and so happy to support small publishers.

Accept an invitation // Sometimes you need to just get the heck outta dodge and step into circles of love. Especially when we might be inclined to stay in and avoid the hustle and bustle. A little social butterfly-ing can be good food for the soul. Wear something you adore. Put on some sparkle. Go out and have some fun!

Epic napping // A little extra rest can do wonders for an aching heart. As an INFP and HSP, I need to turn off my brain for relief, and to recharge my battery. Napping is essential. Build it into your day and snooze unapologetically. Try this fun test for a little more insight into your own energetic ways.

Make something // Getting into the hands and out of the head is always excellent mojo. I'm starting yet another Easiest Shawl Ever, because it's one of the very few things I can knit and I have gorgeous Blue Sky yarn from Squam ---> have you seen the new beautiful website btw??? Swoon.

Plan an adventure // Go to sex camp. Paint with me in North Carolina. Rise your writing. Come to Twilight Brunch! Add something to your calendar, just for you, that is out of your regular routine and that you can really look forward to.

Listen deeply // Podcasts are making my ears blissfully happy these days. Loved this chat with book maven Lisa Occhipinti, and omg Elizabeth and Kimberly totally made my day! This one with Esther Perel I had to listen to twice, like wow. And this one had me really thinking too.

What's keeping you afloat these days? Please do tell.


  1. Thank you, checked out a lot of the links, signed petitions, shared them on Facebook and have earmarked the podcasts for listening this needed this and really seriously considering how to make it a weekend for me at the September Day long workshop...

    1. you are so very welcome, and I love that you dove right in! I hope it felt soul-lifting and yummy! I am totally rooting for your weekend writing getaway!!! xo

  2. WOW-- so much goodness here THANK you for sharing it all and THANK you for pouring the love on my shoulders-- makes me feel so good-- am LOVING the idea of Twilight gatherings-- woot!

    1. you know I'm always crushing on all you shine into this world! xoxoxoxox!!!


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