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prayers for the living

In the fallows of what will go down as one of the most memorable summers ever, as I pad around my kitchen this morning in the quiet ritual of sunrise and coffee, I am still with the same question that has been trying to work its way through me all season long....  how much of myself as a human, am I truly willing to risk?   ... for life... for love... for creating more far-reaching change and desire and light in a world that is both treacherously beautiful and spectacularly flawed.   It always feels like there is so much on the line. At times my spirit feels so close to breaking. Being tender-hearted in a life wide-open is never easy, yet I can not choose to sleepwalk. I've tried and it's too painful, goes too deeply against who I am, to quiet the seeker and truth teller for too long even on days when I want to pull the covers over my head and hide.  As a girl growing up, when I felt overwhelmed I used to "run away" into the trees. The two giant p

not here nor there

The well hasn't been dry, it's just been on a slow simmer. Summer always requires a downshift. I have been writing a little, working on a few deadlines coming around the corner, and gramming things here and there. Otherwise, I've been in a relative quiet creative cave coasting on more of an inward kind of energy. I'm peeking in here and there, napping and refeuling, and making forward progress on the things that are pressing. There's another birthday celebration to be had (the big 1-3... how is that possible?!?), a book to finish editing, courses to prep, and unbelievably school stuff to start thinking about. Like I always say to my oldest, time does not wait for you,  even if you wish it would . I'm actually excited to begin thinking about fall, though a little wary that it might be a tad too early to start feeling that longing for autumn. August has just begun, after all, but the signs are here and a definite pull in that direction with Halloween stuff