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not here nor there

The well hasn't been dry, it's just been on a slow simmer. Summer always requires a downshift. I have been writing a little, working on a few deadlines coming around the corner, and gramming things here and there. Otherwise, I've been in a relative quiet creative cave coasting on more of an inward kind of energy. I'm peeking in here and there, napping and refeuling, and making forward progress on the things that are pressing. There's another birthday celebration to be had (the big 1-3... how is that possible?!?), a book to finish editing, courses to prep, and unbelievably school stuff to start thinking about.

Like I always say to my oldest, time does not wait for you, even if you wish it would.

I'm actually excited to begin thinking about fall, though a little wary that it might be a tad too early to start feeling that longing for autumn. August has just begun, after all, but the signs are here and a definite pull in that direction with Halloween stuff in all the stores (abeit way too early), reminders about fall activities are in my inbox, and the marsh grass just beginning to descend from its peak green into waning shades of gold which you would only notice if you stared at it day after day. Pretty soon the black ducks will be swimming in with the morning tides, a sure sign that it's nearing cooler weather. Summer is fast and furious.

For now it's an in between time. Not quite here nor there.

It's where I am too, getting ready and also winding down and wrapping up, in the transition of so many things and contemplating where I fit into it all.

I'm wondering what I want to call in for the fall, what gatherings I want to hold space for and what places I want to travel to, and I'm realizing now is the time to begin getting those ducks in a row. Yet there is still a lot of summering ahead. I look at my calendar and most of the days are full right up until the start of school and I'm wondering how we will make it all happen. Somehow we always do.