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do not go gently

As a woman, who is also non-white, with non-white children within a queer family, I have a pretty huge stake in this critical cultural and political climate. No matter what happens in November, the ugly underbelly has been exposed and change must happen. It already is happening and I am incredibly grateful to all the badass change-makers who are on the front lines.

The most evident shifts I see happening are inside our sex positive community where consent culture is moving towards full-on recognition and reconciliation, dismantling the patriarchy and all its nuances and degrees. New safe and empowered spaces are being created for not only LGBTQ friends and allies, but for people of color and women as under-heard, underserved and previously disempowered minority groups within the subculture. Sexually empowered people are on the front lines of your freedom (I thought you should know).

I am also one of those humans.

And so I am showing up today to finally state for the record that I am for all of the movements... anything that pushes back against the massive machine of bullshit oppression and misogyny.

Because that is what we are ultimately talking about this election cycle.

Are you voting for more hate or more love?

More freedom or more privilege?

This election is about basic human rights, and not about he said/she said. White privilege, male privilege, economic privilege, these are all very real things that have a direct impact on every aspect of my life. I need someone to be a champion for our basic fundamental rights. It is not just about equality, it is about my ability (and my family's) to survive and thrive in this world. 

Which is why if you are voting Red - after all the evidence of bile and vitriol the right is campaigning for - I can not help but question the roots of your integrity and beliefs, and your comfort in putting a violent, xenophobic, misogynist into power... and ultimately where that intersects with me personally.

So my due diligence is this:  if you are among the friends and family I know are swaying to the Right because you are fed up with establishment politics and lies, I ask you to consider not only what you are voting against, but what you are voting for... because this; your vote for Trump is ultimately a decisive act of violence towards my family. 

While this may feel like an wild exaggeration or gross overstatement, I assure you that it is not. Discrimination and inequality are insidious and everywhere, and it touches us (read: my children) in big and small ways every single day. You are either okay with that, or not.

Unfortunately, there is no middle ground in this election.

It feels personal because it is very, deeply personal - you are either choosing to love and stand up for us/beside us, or you are choosing the hate against us.

It's a simple choice.

And I hope you will #chooselove.