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knee deep in shift... and what's to come!

Change is messy.

And beautiful.

As I navigate the transformation that is happening at the center of my universe, so much is being revealed. I am in the process of writing new feminine leadership classes, creating sensual art workshops and curating conversations and experiences for you and I to dive into with luscious abandon.... there is so much to offer now that I have fully arrived in this vision.

I am seeing with brand new clarity, and it feels like planning the most epic and evolutionary party, ever.

You are totally invited!

And it just so happens that in the group guided circle I lead, our November theme is about "shifting the narrative" around the core value of Story. It's all happening for me at a magnitude I never expected (isn't that always the way?). My Notebook is filled this month, overflowing with wild scribbles about primal communication, sexual sovereignty, expressive art, and sensual feminine movement of all modalities. Plans are in the works for this year's rise for V-Day. My worlds are colliding in the juiciest of ways, all piecing together an insanely gorgeous new landscape - one of pleasure and playfulness and power -- serious. badass. girl power.

It's always so interesting what ends up being the catalyst behind this kind of shift. I can't say specifically if it was the election results, an alignment of all the work I've been doing in creative and sexy worlds, or something else deeper within me that was simply ready to step in. Whatever it was or is, I am incredibly grateful for the clarity of purpose and fire it has lit in my belly.

Because this is not just about me. This is about all of us.

Being seen and heard as empowered women is what might be the game-changer in the next four years. I know exactly what I need to do, and we are going to have so much wild fun creating the lives, and world, we desire and deserve to live in!

Here we go.