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my word of 2017 (part 1)

I'd say more than anything these past several months have been a deep dive into some of the most complex and tender places of my heart. It is the culmination of a year that will go down in the books as one of my most transformative seasons of all time. They call it a completion year (which 2016 has been heralded to be, for those who believe in such things), and for me this has meant being immersed in healing work that has allowed me to finally pull back the curtain to see the truth of my own heart. As it turns out, healing is not an end game. It really is just another beginning. And while I can't say that I am clear through to the other side of what has turned out to be an extraordinary recovery mission, I am far enough along to know that everything has changed. This change is not a statement of good or bad, it is more an observation. I am gaining a new perspective I have never had access to, and this unfamiliar place feels both raw and open in a really beautiful way.

it's not about the pole

It's a rainy Monday morning, and I'm plugged in the most perfect song as I download photos and muse on my delicious weekend. I can easily say that my NYC trip was an unexpected sensual experience of learning and intimacy. I truly touched, tasted, smelled, listened and felt my way from the Upper West Side down to Chinatown. It was a study in my own connective mojo and a better understanding of how it tethers me to everything inside my world, in every direction. This is clearly my work in this lifetime. I was initially called to the city by way of an invitation I received to attend a workshop at S Factor . It was one of those opportunities that was an immediate *yes* and fell right into place with timing, ease and serendipity. I know that this sensual movement modality is my way in to something new and important. Even if my flirting with the pole doesn't lead to a wild love affair, I know a philosophical connection is there and has something to teach me - that it&

under the emotional weight

Our stories have so many layers. Three months ago I set out with fierce intention to wind into the epicenter of mine. It's been the most important rescue mission of my life, saving my abandoned inner child. While I'm a true believer in gentle shifts and step-by-step change, some transformations take a giant energetic leap to shake all things loose so you can clearly see the bits of shiny truth to gather them from the rubble. This was one of those times. So I got my butt back on the mat, for reals. Yoga has been saving me in all the ways. Not only has it been a way for me to process all the pain that has been coming up, but it has become like a second home for me deep in a womb of safety and honoring. I'm kneading out trauma and connecting with my heart and my body in a way I haven't in decades, remembering what it feels like to feel anchored and joyful in my individual physical power. Thank you  Buddhaful Souls  for coming into my life at just the right time! T