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it's not about the pole

It's a rainy Monday morning, and I'm plugged in the most perfect song as I download photos and muse on my delicious weekend. I can easily say that my NYC trip was an unexpected sensual experience of learning and intimacy. I truly touched, tasted, smelled, listened and felt my way from the Upper West Side down to Chinatown. It was a study in my own connective mojo and a better understanding of how it tethers me to everything inside my world, in every direction. This is clearly my work in this lifetime.

I was initially called to the city by way of an invitation I received to attend a workshop at S Factor. It was one of those opportunities that was an immediate *yes* and fell right into place with timing, ease and serendipity. I know that this sensual movement modality is my way in to something new and important. Even if my flirting with the pole doesn't lead to a wild love affair, I know a philosophical connection is there and has something to teach me - that it's not really at all about the pole in the same exact way that my work is not really about sex when all is said and done (more about this coming to your inbox in tomorrows love note!). Also worth noting, the S Factor NYC studio is literally right next door to Dick Blick, a sign I took as a secret #yougogirl from the universe. 

Lucky for me, I also got to hang out with Jen who let me tag along with her on the best Manhattan adventure ever. I experienced more of the city (and some pretty awesome humans), than I ever would have on my own. Really, it was this sweet and easy togetherness that was my favorite - especially in unravelling how the core of our work overlaps in some really juicy places, and how we speak such similar love languages in our creative process. Even though we create things through very different lenses, we are telling such similar human stories. Ones about connection. I love that so much. There was so much yes, me too which is always so grounding and gratifying.

It was a fast and furious two days of playing and exploring, not to mention all the podcasts and videos I was able to watch over the 10 hour round-trip bus ride. I have pages and pages full of notes and reflections to parse and savor, and I know something powerful is brewing and will come from the totality of this experience. It all was in that sweet-spot of aligned, easeful, and infused with LOVE. From wandering the streets to, to eating gorgeous food, to flying on the pole. I was in my happy place for sure.