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be a love revolutionary

{January page from my Notebook}

In 2017, I already know I'll be creating more dynamic and safe spaces of belonging... 

in my own body

in my own heart 

in my relationships

in my work

in my community

and in our world.

Heading into this new year I've hit the re-set button in a big way. I'm letting go of many things, clearing, editing and making room for what truly matters. 


I had a pivotal conversation with my mom last fall, that eventually allowed me to see the truth of so many things all at once... how sturdy I've become in my own beliefs, how wide some gaps of understanding might always be, but most importantly how deeply I know of love because that is what I've been taught from the very beginning; that it is never about biology or race or religion or orientation or relationship model, because love transcends every context. 

Inside all the work I've been doing, this, I realized, is the ultimate legacy of my adoption - that love is an unshakable, unfailing truth and not something that conforms to preconceived ideals or institutions. If someone from the outside looking in were to say to my parents, "I'm sad for you that you'll never have the real love of a biological daughter.", I know exactly how they would respond. Because it's exactly how I'd respond - to not be sad for me, because I absolutely know and have this love in spades... because love is not defined by anything other than our own hearts. I'm not sure my mom and dad know it, but they are love warriors too.

My revolutionary act is simply living my life. Powerfully, truthfully, beautifully, and in deep devotion to love that is only defined by me.

Love is your revolutionary act, as well. 

This is our call to action in 2017.

More belonging.

More connection.

More love.

I'm so on it.

Happy New Year, all you wild and gorgeous souls!!!! May it be everything your heart is wishing for, and more. We've got this.  xoxoxo