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mad about sparkle - 2017 planner ritual

There is something about the tradition of creating my new planner every year that is so grounding and also exciting! To see what emerges... what colors, words, and mood appears, is always such a surprise. I really just try to feel my way through the process and it always seems to come out just the way it's meant to. I gave up long ago on boring blank or prefab covers that didn't speak my truth. Devotion to this more personalized practice is always so much more rewarding for me.

I let the images find me, the ones that instantly feel like a 'yes' in my body.....

...and then I always add some shimmer, this year some gold leaf...

...and I allow the words to appear like magic. It feels like this. Every time.

This year is so much about Truth, Daring and LOVE. These seem to be touchstones that always find me. I think this cover captures the vulnerability of what I think this year will be too, accompanied by sparkle and power and adventure. And wings. Always wings. Maybe even some sexy yoga ;)

Last year I think I was deep in the liminal mess (you can peek at last year's cover, here), inside that dark and womb-like work of creation. This year I can feel myself emerging. I see it in this cover story as well. More light, more strength, more direction, more celebration. 

I am ready <3

Are you?