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"Go within, or go without. You must be brave enough to ask for what you want, but strong enough not to get it. You must be strong enough to transform what you are given into that which you need."  I am currently in a season of deepest level change. Everything wants to be examined, upended, and renewed. My sense of home, my heart, my relationships, my work, are all in a state of mass deconstruction. Every single facet is seeking renegotiation for deeper safety and greater fulfillment. My life is begging for permission to take up more space, and for me to say YES to the things I've never allowed myself to want. Things that maybe I never quite believed I deserved, like more presence, more security, more love. In my body, it feels like wearing clothes that no longer fit. Nothing in my world feels quite like it used to. In an existential way it seems as though in every sense of the word, I am leaving . I know that what is really happening is that I'm shedding s

sacred contracts for thriving

Recently, stepping into each day has felt like a conscious act of coming back home, to recenter, realign, and re-wild by shaking off all the external stories in whatever way feels really really good. For me, this week, it's been painting the feminine , a practice I've decidedly embraced with full-on passion and pleasure. The constant barrage of information and opinions want to stick to you like static, and static is not at all good for light workers.  As we are needed to stay present and active right now more than ever, this is exactly why it is also time for exquisite tending of our boundaries and needs... to stay in Sacred Contract with ourselves...  so we can show up and do the work that is needed,  and still land in JOY as much as possible. A sacred contract with yourself can look like a lot of different things. It can be fluid to shift and hold exactly what it is you need on any given day. Think of the things inside this contract as the non-negotiables, wh