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carving a path for women's sexuality

On Saturday, I hosted my very first Pleasure Salon in the studio. It was a beautiful evening of solidarity, vulnerability, silliness and fun - everything I had envisioned this kind of gathering to be. Intimate. Honest. Powerful.

So I've been thinking a lot about what it means to positively and safely carve out space for women's sexuality and embodiment in a culture that is constantly trying to shut us down and shame us. The double standard that wants to sell us every version of our ideal lives with sexually provocative ideas and imagery, is also the same exact institution that works to disempower us from our bodies and take away our agency. The hypocrisy is staggering and often times utterly confusing.

Having spent a lot of time in the subculture of sex-positivity and advocacy, I can say without a doubt that we have a long way to go in being able to claim and even safely normalize the desires of women. The vulnerability it takes to be on the forefront of this mission out in the public eye is not easy, yet here is where I find myself. It's not just a passion, it is absolutely part of my purpose.

Because I've seen what turning on a woman's full power looks like.

And not just the kind of power it takes to run with the pack, or lead through the masculine principals of getting shit done, attaining status or success (as defined by others, money etc.), or working the to-do list with prowess and finesse.

I'm talking about the embodiment of all of our power -- intellectual, financial, professional, social, personal, relational, emotional, creative, sexual, etc. -- working towards every facet being activated and actualized. The masculine and the feminine, so that the basis for fulfilling any and all of our needs comes from within.

To live fully embodied and with full permission, can only come from ourselves.

This is why circles of women are so important. They invite us to the important conversations we might not be having on our own. Seeing one another as whole and complete, badass, creatures in all our wild complexity is often both a relief and a real revelation. It can heal parts of us that we didn't even realize were aching by bringing everything into the light for more clarity and integration. This is what I define as empowered.

While it all might sound a bit meta and conceptual, there is actually no woo involved... it is simply about honest recognition and wide-open acceptance of ourselves and each other. A radical concept, indeed. This is what I am cultivating.

Because we all deserve to be lit up, turned on, and liberated in the truth of all we desire and all that we are.

The paint and the yoni eggs are just different doorways to getting there.

You not only have the key... you ARE the key.

Thank you to Emily Martel for a luscious event! I learned so many unexpected things in this circle relating to embodiment, healing, pelvic care and health, tantra, and the practical aspects of having a physical practice of engaging with our sensual bodies, something I have never really thought of in this way. Especially that we need more of these opportunities to get together and get real.