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love mission

Because secret love notes are tiny bits of art and magic rolled into one.
(the kids especially wanted to love bomb one of their favorite shops, RR Traders - go say hi!)

Photo by Nicole Cloutier Frizzo who found this note

Because you never know who your kindness might touch and what it might mean to them.

Because spreading love is one of my biggest missions.

Because often times these are the exact reminders I need myself. 

Because I hope to raise compassionate love warriors who aren't afraid to feel what it means to be human, and how important it is to show up for one another.




Writing a stack of post-it notes and sticking them all round town is tiny a revolutionary act. It was also a great practice in vulnerability for all of us. The kids wondered if it was vandalism or littering, or if people would be mad if we put things on their windows. In the beginning they were looking over their shoulders at who might be watching, but they were not deterred. In fact, they become so brave and empowered in where they chose to hide their little secret messages taking on each placement as their own mission, tucking them into bathrooms and tacking them onto bulletin boards. They inspired me! 

We had fun writing them together too. "You are EPIC", "You are perfect just the way you are.", "You are awesome sauce."... their sentiments were spot on.

It may not be fancy, but it sure felt meaningful. This is at the heart of everything I create -- how a 3x3 pink square becomes a bridge from my heart to yours. 

And the world always needs more love. Always.