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somewhere over the rainbow

A couple of years ago, after attending our first Boston Pride together as a family, my youngest son asked me why no one in our home town celebrated Pride. He was 5 at the time and was a bit confounded by the masses of people that turned out downtown to throw confetti and dance in the streets, but not a single rainbow was visible in his own neighborhood. This was the same year he came home upset because kids had made fun of his rainbow painted toenails in school. He was only in kindergarten, and it significantly changed the view he had of the world. He felt the high stakes cost of what it meant to be "different" in any way and falling dutifully in-line, he implored me to take it all off. It sort of broke my heart. And so this is the plight of our kids and teens, to covet sameness and familiarity as a way to be accepted. This follows us in silent and confining ways, into adulthood. We learn not to color too far outside the lines. I've often wondered to myself where