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house alchemy

In my world, everything an oracle. Meanings jump out at me from words, signs, symbols, colors, just about anything. So when I was house searching, I was also learning about numerology and what the different numbers mean. I thought it would be fun to share with you a compilation of what I've unearthed.

First, here's how to calculate your house number if it is not already a single digit:

Add each digit together to arrive at your answer. If the answer is more than one digit still, add all digits from the sum. Repeat as needed until you arrive at your single digit number. If your address includes an apartment number and/or letter, add those into the equation as well, like this...

For 125-3B Ocean Street your formula would be 1+2+5+3+2 = 13, then... 1+3 = 4

The letters are as follows: (1 = A, J,S) (2 = B, K, T) (3 = C, L, U) (4 = D, M, V) (5 = E, N, W) ( 6 = F, O, X) (7 = G, P, Y) (8 = H, Q, Z) (9 = I, R)

Here is what your house's number personality and mojo means... 

1 | The Leader... This is your place to establish independence. It promotes innovation, ambition, and drive, autonomy and personal freedom. (power color: red)

2 | The Mediator... This home is devoted to love, family and partnership. It's all about inclusion of others, nurturing and providing a loving and safe environment for all who enter. (power color: orange)

3 | The Communicator... This house is all about emotional expression. It is a place of joy and laughter and robust creative energy in a safe place. It is harmonious place and supports co-creation and the needs of many. (power color: yellow)

4 | The Teacher... A Four house promotes hard work, development, and learning, and has very grounded and practical energy. It's work is to create security and stability, and helps with organization and goals. (power color: green)

5 | The Liberator... This is a place to celebrate and have fun! A Five house is all about fearless adventure, flexibility, enjoyment, and freedom through self-discipline and constructive ideas. (power color: blue)

6 | The Nurturer... A home of beauty and positive energy. This house supports warmth, compassion, caring and deep soul nurturing. It is the feel-good home with loving inward energy. (power color: indigo)

7 | The Seeker... This house is a place for introspection and contemplation. It is about spiritual seeking an igniting intuition, and has a tranquil energy where you can take time foe self study. (power color: purple)

8 | The Powerhouse... The house of mastery and abundance. There is loads of money mojo in an Eight house, and it is about mastering the energy of giving and receiving that aligned deeply with our values. (black/white/gray)

9| The Humanitarian... You live in a house of healing, service and devotion. It's personality supports visionary activism and making the world a better place. This house has powerful outward mojo. (power color: gold)

It's believed that every number has it's own vibration. I live in a number Eight House and the energetic personality feels spot on. I am in deep in all the abundance teachings. Even the colors are in alignment (everything is gray and white!). 

Have fun calculating your house's personality. You can even look at the profile alongside your personal numerology (by adding the numbers of your birthdate) to broaden the picture quite a bit! It's all fun and interesting, and totally just another sense to look through and activate and intuit your own best wisdom.

What number house do you live in?


  1. a 9. I have been drawn to putting in touches of gold lately, which is unusual for me. I am a 6. Always love dark blue. Last night's sunset here was an incredible pink and apricot explosion. Color is amazing and so nourishing.

    1. my favorite kind of explosion ;) and love your two colors together... mmm, 9+6 is a Six... so interesting!

  2. This is so interesting! I have long used numerology in Tarot, but never thought about my house number; mine is 7- which is spot on for where my life is right now!

    1. that’s so cool! I can see you as Seven for sure. I love how you can apply this everywhere. in tarot! Yes!

  3. My Goodness Mindy.. my appartment is also an 8 - an 8 with the number and appartment number added together, and also an 8 when I add the street name with the precedent (number and appartment number)... AND it is painted gray and white!!! We added some green for my youngest daughter, and my eldest daughter's room is blue.. but the rest was already white and gray!

    Magic ;-)!

    1. Love that your adding your own color magic! How amazing we are so aligned (a lot of us are 8's I think!

  4. It is funny to try and calculate my house number Technically I don't live there because we travel in our motorhome. But I calculated the numbers anyway and came up with 1 (Leader) which establishes independence and promotes personal freedom, which is very spot on!

    1. I love that you tried it! and I can see this archetype in you so much!


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