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the wild in-between

For the most part right now, the energy is very inward. Mercury retrograde. The tail end of winter hibernation when the sun feels warmer and there is still snow on the ground. It's the back-and-forth season of in-between. I've learned to embrace this kind of slower, more contemplative energy. It doesn't mean that things aren't happening, because the truth is there are always things incubating and becoming in the corners of my busy brain, but it feels like a more tender space where tiny new growth is unfurling. There's a certain amount of necessary tending that requires extra sleep, wide swaths of white space, and nurturing practices that support simplicity and only what is most essential.  It's a time of stoking the flames of wild internal combustion... transformation on a cellular level.  I have become really aware that it's in this, the marrow of my life beneath the busy go-time and periods of productivity, I am in the greatest stretches o

getting ready to launch

It's almost time. Sunday, I am re-launching the Studiofemme site as the first step towards making this big shift in my work that has been gestating for most of this season (and truthfully, for most of this last year). I'm giving you a sneak peek here because I adore you. There are so many exciting things to share!  My biggest initiative with Studiofemme will be to connect women with their passionate activism and service. As s many of us already create things and do work in the world that is of service, I'm excited to help take this a step further and help create offerings and conversations that inspire others to use their work as a platform for broader social activism and impact, all based on what they are passionate about.  All my workshops and sharing will have a foundation of service - collecting goods or energies to put towards bigger community issues and needs. The collaborative blog will be hosting awesome and inspiring guests, many whom you might

beneath the snow and grief

Right now, our third Noreaster in 10 days is bearing down on us. It feels a little like nature mimicking life. Things have been dire in a way that's been stretching everything far beyond their capacity. I've had to learn some new survival skills over the last week... like how to pack my washing machine with snow for emergency refrigeration, and how to file a fraud report when your bank account is hacked, how to make a 911 call from a cell phone at 3am when a car crashes outside your window, and how to make a giant pot of meaty chili that's also half vegetarian for my dear friends who lost their husband/dad two days ago.  Amidst the damage control and losses everything feels a bit surreal, as if any minute I''l hear a voice-over say... "and now back to your regular scheduled program.", and everything is right in the world again. But I know this is just life.  What is keeping me anchored are three things: Motherhood. Deep in the trenches of

happy art

With this last storm and all it brought (no power, internet etc),  I went and stayed at this sweet little studio. Even though I haven't yet met Tami, I know we are kindred. It was my second time here (photos from both visits), and it seems to now  be a goto safe and happy place... love having tricks like these up my sleeve. While I was only there for an afternoon escape to gather up warmth and rest... ...just being surrounded by all this inspiration felt so necessarily restorative.  I read old issues of Where Women Create and napped like nobody's business. Mostly I just dreamed about what I want Studiofemme to become.  (you can see the bones of the new site here , and click on the menu tab  to read the first iteration of the new Mission!) I thought a lot about this sweet quote, and loved all of Tami's art. It reminded me of why I create. Because it makes a difference in other people's lives

in defense of the day job

{photo by Sea Level, Newburyport} Back in August, I got a J.O.B. not working for myself, for the first time in over ten years. There really was no struggle over the decision. It was what I knew I needed to do so that I would have a safety net as I began the process of leaving my marriage. The hardest part for me was getting over the thought that I'd "failed" in my own work because I wasn't making enough money in my business to support a single family household. Sooo many stories, fears and shame around this, but I've been doing my best to to not spin things this way in my own head.  Instead, I made the leap with the thought in mind that this job was a critical bridge I needed to create so I could reach the other side of whatever was to come next. I've always seen myself as a builder of bridges, always... between people, and communities, and so many other complex and nuanced intimacies, I find myself always a conduit.  So, I built the bridge I