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getting ready to launch

It's almost time.

Sunday, I am re-launching the Studiofemme site as the first step towards making this big shift in my work that has been gestating for most of this season (and truthfully, for most of this last year).

I'm giving you a sneak peek here because I adore you. There are so many exciting things to share! 

My biggest initiative with Studiofemme will be to connect women with their passionate activism and service. As s many of us already create things and do work in the world that is of service, I'm excited to help take this a step further and help create offerings and conversations that inspire others to use their work as a platform for broader social activism and impact, all based on what they are passionate about. 

All my workshops and sharing will have a foundation of service - collecting goods or energies to put towards bigger community issues and needs. The collaborative blog will be hosting awesome and inspiring guests, many whom you might know and many new people I can't wait to introduce you to.

Jamie Ridler will be sharing soon about her Give A Girl A Journal initiative.

Kimberly Wilson will be by this spring to talk about her Pigs & Pugs project.

Jenny Doh is writing a piece about her art and activism - and hopefully about the book she is writing about this very topic!

I'm in that phase where I have a million ideas and am making loads of new connections in broader communities, like connecting the dots in that beautifully magical way where one thing leads to the next. It feels so exciting! This thing definitely has a life of it's own. 

Also, I'm hosting a giveaway this week as part of Sunday's launch... if you want to get in early on the goodies (a sweet piece of original art and some Studiofemme swag!), you can leave a comment here and you will be entered times two! 

Thank you for all the cheering on and support of my work, and if you know of any awesome creative activists I need to connect with, please do share.

Here's to Sunday's celebration! 


  1. hear, hear! can't wait to see all the goodness unfold!

  2. This is so wonderful and needed dear Mindy!!!! It's like the Universe is hushering 'this is the way'!!!.. So thrilled!!!

    1. It really does feel like the next true step for me! thank you for all of your encouragement!

  3. So exciting to watch you blossom, Mindy... xxx

    1. I can’t tell you how much it means to have your heart in my world. Truly xoxo

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Nikkiana! Hope this is the year we finally get to connect in person!


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