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happy art

With this last storm and all it brought (no power, internet etc), 
I went and stayed at this sweet little studio.

Even though I haven't yet met Tami, I know we are kindred.

It was my second time here (photos from both visits), and it seems to now 
be a goto safe and happy place... love having tricks like these up my sleeve.

While I was only there for an afternoon escape to gather up warmth and rest...

...just being surrounded by all this inspiration felt so necessarily restorative. 

I read old issues of Where Women Create and napped like nobody's business.

Mostly I just dreamed about what I want Studiofemme to become. 

(you can see the bones of the new site here, and click on the menu tab 
to read the first iteration of the new Mission!)

I thought a lot about this sweet quote, and loved all of Tami's art.

It reminded me of why I create.

Because it makes a difference in other people's lives. 

Which is absolutely my purpose and passion. 

Thank you Happy Art Studio <3