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suddenly I see

One of my faorite things to do on a rainy day (or any day, actually), is hang out in the magazine stacks at my local bookstore to peruse for inspiration. I mean, look at this gorgeous spread on the inside cover of Selvedge. So yummy... and I loved the diversity of women represented, even if just a tiny slice of color, age, race.

I've been noticing more and more, like I somehow have fresh new eyes to see, all the whiteness and privilege around me. Of course this is not anything new. I live (and grew up) in a very white, very privileged community, but something about where I am on my journey is really amplifying the disparities for me. I know it's for a reason that's both deeply personal and widely purposeful. I just don't really know what that is yet. I'm at the edge of it, and it's pretty big. 

So, I'm just noticing.

How all the Stampington publications are always so similar in flavor. 

How the new Bella Grace periodical, aptly named New Generation, is clearly only speaking to one kind of girl (one who can afford a $24 magazine).

How the craft/lifestyle magazines in general are influencing pop culture that is often appropriative, yet not at all diverse. 

How I was struck there is a black woman on the cover of Yoga Journal, because it’s so rare.

How there seems to be a very certain brand of "creativity" and "creative life" and "creative women" that gets sold to us amidst these glossy pages.

Honestly, I used to not really notice and could easily imagine myself as part of the audience. I've been complicit in the homogenization and wanted to be one of those girls/women too.

Now I see something different. I still see all the beauty and possibility and inspiration, but I also see something less shiny now as well. I see the gaps so clearly, and something in me wants to fill them. 


  1. I love what you see, and how you are seeing it, with a critical eye but a heart pushing for positive change. I find Selvedge very interesting though they sometimes use frighteningly thin models, albeit diverse ones. I too find the Stampington family of publications very homogenous in some ways, and with a strong streak of Bible-based Christianity. And yes, it is possible for a Christian to feel disenfranchised by fellow Christians -- my semi-rural midwestern public high school had an evangelical prayer during graduation and this mild-mannered Catholic did not feel included in those sentiments.
    Have you been following Design*Sponge lately? Grace Bonney has been making such an effort to open up her work there. It's been wonderful to watch.
    Much love to you --

    1. Thank you for all of your beautiful insights... especially your POV on Christianity and the nuance of spiritualism. so fascinating. and a big huge YES to Grace. I’ve got my eye on her for some Studiofemme stuff. love how you’re casting a wider lens on all things too. xo


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