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queen of the night

we worked like we were home schoolers, our excuse for ditching school. we learned tulips are edible (yes, we tried them!), they are related to asparagus and onions, and the bulbs were traded as valuable commodities way back when.

Wicked Tulips Farm, family owned and operated in Johnston RI. only open 2 weeks per year! I missed it last year so super happy to have gotten tickets this season. it was opening day.

he has a really good eye.

{photo by Owen - our favorite tulip name}

{photo by Owen}

there are about 3000 varieties around the world!

{photo by Owen}

and hyacinths - they smell so good!


  1. Beautiful! And I love how it sparked learning!

  2. Such beautiful pictures! I think it is wonderful that you took this day for you three, away from the routine, to learn together, explore, breathe, let the beauty sink in, and open to this space you created for all of you Mindy.


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