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I'm thinking about...

where it all took a turn,

the journal I gave to my mother,

where I came from,

the 23andMe results in my inbox, unopened,

where I belong now, and belonging to myself,

sex and sexuality in general,

the story beneath the story,

hungers as old as I am,

necessary silence and disappearing,

my beliefs about money,

Arizona, and how I need to go back,

french onion dip,

the prevailing human spirit,

my parents getting older,


how beautiful spring is, and how I'm still in my own winter,

making things to heal my heart,

fireweed and rebirth,

who I am now,


faking it til I make it, for real,

failure and forgiveness,


what is true, today.

And you?


  1. sitting with a weariness that feels like it will never lift. watching the birds. feeding them.


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