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wild vibes

It's been such a full, full, week, and I am still sifting through a lot of it... all the girls at camp and their stories and ways they changed and illuminated so many things for me... my kids being gone on a trip to Mexico with their dad and feeling that immense distance between all of us... pushing myself a bit outside my comfort zone to work at Wild Vibes yoga and art festival to body paint... the full moon eclipse and everything going wonky as we headed back into retrograde... the one year anniversary of our Alaska cruise (where I also met Anthony Bourdain) and all those feels... and life that just keeps happening at a seemingly breakneck pace, no matter how slow and low I try to go.

The other day I plugged in my kid's school calendar. I can't believe summer is already half way over, which also means another year is almost upon us. September has always felt like my true 'new years'. New notebooks and school clothes always feel like the marker of something significant and life-changing. The kids are heading into 4th and 10th grade. I'm still not one hundred percent sure where I'm headed yet, and I'm trying to be patient and okay with that. It's been an oddly intense time of looking deeply into the past in order to forge a more certain future. It is a slow excavation. Sometimes I even wonder if looking too deeply might be an obstacle itself, how it traps us in certain thoughts and feelings. 

Today I am just happy the sun is shining and my boys are coming home, and there's still more summer sweetness to come.