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down the rabbit hole

Usually a few times a year a big wave of creativity will suddenly come sweep me off my feet. It makes me feel freshly inspired and energized, and I want to see, smell, feel, listen, and taste the world with all my senses. It is a place of great calm yet also a space where wellsprings of ideas and inspired creative flights come soaring through like the dance of birds on the wind. I have come to recognize that these times happen also when my life is harmonizing just so, where the rhythmic alignment of my mind, body and spirit is set within a specific range that's attuned to my true cosmic flow. This is the place where I strive to exist more often, and I am learning to better circumnavigate obstacles that tend to bump me off the path so I can create on a more gentle trajectory and less on one that's wildly up and down, but I also know like nature, this is how I flow. It's clear to me now that these inspired times always open up in the wake of off-loading and working thr

fall in love with squam

Every time I head back to the lake, even if it's just for a quick visit, I always feel joyful and sated. The kids and I decided last minute to attend the Art Fair, so we packed a bag and hopped in the car for the 90 minute drive. As soon as we left town I could feel an ease and happiness come over me, and I thought... I have to remember I need this, to be with my people in this place that feels so much like home. We hit the usual spots we love to peruse on the way there; Fig Tree Gallery (formerly Veggie Art Girl), Wholly Tara, The Common Man, and especially the Moultonborough General Store where the kids stock up on pickled limes (yup!) and candy, and I enjoyed all the inspiration plus my favorite iced coffee with topped with iced-coffee cubes (genius!). Along the winding wooded road just near the lake, a giant owl flew across our path and we were all so enchanted!  It was almost dusk when we arrived, but that didn't deter my youngest from wanting to dive ri

where it all began

Really, the journey of my creative life began years before I actually did any creative work for a living. What took me decades to figure out was that art wasn't just something I enjoyed doing since I was a little girl,  Creative  is actually the core of who I am. As I look ahead to the changes in my work that are taking me in new directions (really taking me full-circle, back to my roots), I've spent a lot of time looking back at where I have come. Someone once said nothing is ever wasted. This, I believe, is so true. Here is part 1 of the journey..... Fear Wakes You Up In earnest, my creative unfurling began the day I posted my very first words onto my blog back when hardly anyone knew what a blog was. What it gave me was, permission to truly begin exploring myself, my desires and wishes, my creative heart, and what I now recognize as my direct line to spirit. It woke me up ... the curiosity, the connection, the fear of hitting 'publish' but doing it any