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down the rabbit hole

Usually a few times a year a big wave of creativity will suddenly come sweep me off my feet. It makes me feel freshly inspired and energized, and I want to see, smell, feel, listen, and taste the world with all my senses. It is a place of great calm yet also a space where wellsprings of ideas and inspired creative flights come soaring through like the dance of birds on the wind.

I have come to recognize that these times happen also when my life is harmonizing just so, where the rhythmic alignment of my mind, body and spirit is set within a specific range that's attuned to my true cosmic flow. This is the place where I strive to exist more often, and I am learning to better circumnavigate obstacles that tend to bump me off the path so I can create on a more gentle trajectory and less on one that's wildly up and down, but I also know like nature, this is how I flow.

It's clear to me now that these inspired times always open up in the wake of off-loading and working through the hard stuff. It is the act of examining the shadowy parts, pulling them out into the light and trying to make sense of the tangle as best I can, then setting them down to bake and shrivel in the sun. Big full moon revelations and releasing were done this time around, for sure.

I'm paying closer attention to my own rhythms and those of the seasons and cycles of the moon. Truth be told, I've always felt guided by these forces in a quiet intuitive way. These days I'm noticing more and more what my personal connections really look and fell like. I'm thinking a lot about alters and rituals and moon journaling the spiritual sides of my creative practice. This is a hallmark of this season for me as well, where I fall deep down hidden rabbit holes of desire, creative and otherwise, into the belly of my own generative fire. I feel woken up by the fading light and want to experience everything. It's such a delicious time of year.

Happy Autumn, everyone <3