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fall in love with squam

Every time I head back to the lake, even if it's just for a quick visit, I always feel joyful and sated. The kids and I decided last minute to attend the Art Fair, so we packed a bag and hopped in the car for the 90 minute drive. As soon as we left town I could feel an ease and happiness come over me, and I thought... I have to remember I need this, to be with my people in this place that feels so much like home.

We hit the usual spots we love to peruse on the way there; Fig Tree Gallery (formerly Veggie Art Girl), Wholly Tara, The Common Man, and especially the Moultonborough General Store where the kids stock up on pickled limes (yup!) and candy, and I enjoyed all the inspiration plus my favorite iced coffee with topped with iced-coffee cubes (genius!). Along the winding wooded road just near the lake, a giant owl flew across our path and we were all so enchanted! 

It was almost dusk when we arrived, but that didn't deter my youngest from wanting to dive right into the water (with some supportive counting down). My oldest only dipped his foot in to sooth a cut he'd gotten earlier, and I told him the lake had magic healing powers. He sort of looked at me in that "seriously mom?", kind of way, but by the end he sincerely was a believer.

The loons were out singing their enchanting song, as we caught the sunset over the lake. It was just the beautiful earth medicine we needed. And then there was bumping into so many old creative friends, in the store, on the dock, at the fair, both attendees and old teachers and friends, and of course some sweet time with the Lady of the Lake herself, Elizabeth, was it's own special kind of balm. 

We all got to put our wishes on the dream catcher I made years ago, and it was so magical to see it swaying in the night, filled with all those heart-felt dreams of so many past Squammies! I've heard over the years, so many true stories of how these wishes actually came true - big and small, and the gratitude people feel for have a place to put their most vulnerable hopes out there. It felt like a full-circle moment to have my boys wish their wishes too <3

The boys had never been to the lake at night, so of course the magic of all the twinkle lights and the wondrous ice block candelabras, harvested directly from the lake in winter, were a huge hit! They both wanted to taste the ice. Boys.

Indeed, each and every time, I fall in love all over again <3