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an invitation

Slowly, I am finding my way back to togetherness. My first gathering in my home a couple weeks ago was a sweet success. I brought together my kid's friends and their families, my creative friends and their people, some of my new neighbors and even people from my work. It was the first time I've ever hosted this sort of mash-up. In the past I've always kept my different communities separate, compartmentalized. These days it feels so good to dream into new possibilities that might be very different than what I previously had built my life around. Almost every aspect of my life feels like a blank slate, so I'm stretching out to feel the expanse of what might become. 

I'm slowly reconnecting with friends who I haven't seen in so long. I've been in my cocoon of solitude since I move into the new house and it felt necessary to keep my heart and my kids safe in the transition. The energy is definitely opening up for whatever meant to be next. I love being able to create it all as we go.

Even in my studio space, I am visioning new things. I met with my first Embody Love Arts clients, and it was so wonderful to have that healing mojo in my home. I miss my creative Brunches, but feel like these too right be evolving. And I'm just beginning to think about what it might be like to explore meeting new people. "Dating" sounds so loaded, so I'm thinking about it more like an open ended adventure in just bringing good energy into my life. That's really what I want. ALL the good energy and none of the heavy, complicated stuff. Feeling like I don't 'need' any of it, that it's all just a juicy addition to this sweet life that is mine, is so good. There is nothing desperate in wanting others to take up space in my life. It is all an invitation. An invocation, even, to call in the kind of people who only add to the luscious landscape of my world. There's a spaciousness and peacefulness to it that I'm really leaning into. The kind of togetherness that brings me nothing but JOY. That's what I'm dialing in, practicing new boundaries along the way (a whole other post I will share for sure ;)


  1. This sounds so lovely, Mindy. Hoping for lots of good energy for you in all the spaces you occupy!

    1. Thank you so much, love. It's a million tiny steps inside each and every day... getting there <3


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