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teacher training

For the past couple of weeks I've been teaching in a yoga studio, not as a yoga teacher, but as a creative mess-maker. I love having the opportunity to share with this lovely community the idea and exploration of art as yoga, and so far I've met some incredibly amazing people, while also expanding on the boundaries of where and how I am able to share my work. It's been a really fun experiment.

This past fall, I almost signed up for a 200 hour yoga teacher training. I've been toying wth the idea for a while now, considering my options.... Curvy Yoga, Buti, Naked Yoga (seriously it's a thing, and I hope to go one day), yoga for anxiety and depression, and so many other options that feel like a seamless fit with what I already do. Yoga, in one way or another, has been a grounding force and foundational part much of what I do. It also seems that I am often in yoga studios teaching, especially with Embody Love Movement and now my Creative Flow class, which I hope to offer in other studios, despite not being a yoga teacher. It's funny how this life is.

The idea of receiving more training and education, in general, showed up on the cover of my inspiration Notebook collage this year. I'm at a point where I want to teach more and learn more. I can feel myself trying to expand into this role, and wanting to really rise up and arrive at who I am as an educator. I'm also feeling a helluva lot of resistance, so I know it's right at my growing edge.

Once I made the space for the idea of a possible training, pretty soon after the right thing appeared (as it so often does), and it was so much more expansive than I could have imagined. While I may still someday get my YTT, in the next couple of weeks I will be trained as an Embody Love Movement Facilitator Trainer! I've been invited to join the organizations faculty officially, and will be able to offer in addition to my ELM workshops, an immersive experience in leadership training for those who want to share this work. I am beyond excited to expand my impact and share more broadly what I am passionate about and what I believe in. Part of my mission as an ELM Trainer will also be to bring more diversity to the organization itself, which is why I love to teach this in queer and sex-positive spaces, especially after the organization's founder, Dr. Melody Moore, came out last month on National Coming Out Day! So inspiring, as the yoga world, which this program was born through, in general feels very cis, white, heteronormative. I'm thrilled to be part of such an amazing team of revolutionaries!

So look for ELM Teacher Trainings from me in the new year!!! I hope to get to travel a little for these as well, so if you're wanting a workshop or training near you, let me know!

I'm totally doing the happy dance.