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diaries of the darker seasons

The wisdom of winter is about darkness. Every year I need this reminder, to simply surrender to this natural rhythm of life. To slow down. To appreciate the seasons of more internal work. On outside it looks like nothing is growing, yet beneath the surface, internally, things are gestating, gathering nourishment, and an important metamorphosis is undoubtedly taking place. Without the fallow season there would be no rebirth, no transformation. The darkness is as necessary as the light, and resisting this truth has often thrown my world into utter chaos. Embracing the full energetic spectrum has allowed me to expand more fully into all aspects of my own creative process, and to see that  all of it has value.  The truth is, as creatives and visionaries we are always in our work, whether we are producing tangible things or not. Don't let your physical output be the stick by which you measure the value of who you are and what you do. Rest, healing and stillness, are absolutely integral

Word of the Year Alchemy Kits

I love making things especially for You! By request, I'm creating a limited number of these yummy, personalized treasures. These custom-made kits will help you to channel the energy and intention of your chosen Word of the Year. This magic is co-created by your intentions around the Word you've chosen as your touchstone for the year, and my intuitive mojo. Carry your talismans with with you or place them on your alter for a personal infusion of added guidance and wisdom! Each kit will include one handmade Inner Alchemy Card made with the inspiration of your Word, one quartz crystal point to bring in clarity, and three customized talismans gathered and gifted to you from my beautiful collection of natural treasures, vintage finds, and meaningful tokens of love.  Also included will be an insert explaining the meaning and energy of the different items in your kit and why I chose them for you. It will all come wrapped in a hand-stamped muslin pouch with your Word of the Year! Order

lead from your scars, not your wounds

This past December, I officially became faculty for the Embody Love Movement Foundation. I completed the training that now allows me to train-up other leaders to facilitate their own Embody Love workshops. As I step up into a more impactful leadership position this year, I've been thinking a lot about this quote that came up in our training: "Lead from your scars, not your wounds." As most of us humans do, I have many of both. Some are in varying yet invisible stages of ongoing healing, and others are permanently marked on my skin. The stories my body would most want to tell you are those of an abandonment trauma survivor, an asian girl trying to find her identity in a white-bodied world, an aspiring gymnast, a recovering perfectionist, a healed emotional cutter, a cheerleader - both actual and metaphorical, a twice-injured athlete, a curious and passionate lover, a victim of sexual assault, an addict (who's drug of choice was food), an expressive artist, a mother of

planner cover 2019

I finally got to sit down to create the cover of this year's Planner Pad, an anchoring yearly ritual I've been doing for almost a decade, and one I value and adore. As the process of Inner Alchemy Collage goes, I had no idea what story might be told. These pieces seem to come together on their own as a sort of mission statement for the year ahead. It's who I am in this moment, while also leaving space for who I might become at the end of 365 days. I reads like an oracle card, and as I learn new lessons and gain more experiences from month to month the reading changes and clarifies, and new insight is revealed. What showed up for me was the very clear path I am on to take more of my work into grassroots spaces, "from studio to street", and my Studiofemme and Embody Love mission to focus on more "freedom for every body". There is space being made for love and desire, for creativity, for cycles and seasons, for new stories and old, for being seen, for spir

and then my body said, run

This past fall I started running. Which even as I type this truth it feels like a bit of an impossibility. I've never been, or ever wanted to be a runner, but it undoubtedly became something I felt driven to do. Something in me, one day, just needed to go fast. For a good part of the last year I compassionately let my body have every comfort it needed to get through all the hard things. Extra amounts of sleep, carbs, deep quiet and rest were medicine. Until I could feel it in my bones, as the leaves began to change, I no longer needed to be still. It started off as a daily walk outside on the beautiful rail trail in my town. Eventually it picked up pace to where I was ticking off miles at a time, closing some invisible distance inside me. Everything in me just needed to move, sweat, and burn. It had zero to do with losing weight. It had everything to do with letting go of things I no longer needed. Part of it, I know now, is shedding decades of an unhealthy, unloving relationship w

525, 600 minutes

{Instagram Best Nine of 2018} It's hard to believe that a year has almost past since deciding to reclaim this sacred space for 2018. To say it was a pivotal year would be the understatement of a lifetime. While from the outside looking in it would seem that not much happened, but from the inside a complete transformation was occurring on a cellular level. Here's how it all shook out... * I moved from my Plum Island home of 12 years, and separated from my husband after 25 years together. * I wrote 57 blog posts at Under A Pink Sky * I created 0 online workshops * I hosted 0 Creative Brunches * I participated in 0 creative collaborations * I created 1 offering in my Etsy Shop * I made 1 painting * I taught 1 Embody Love workshop * I started reading fiction again, and read a lot of really great stories. * I sent 24 newsletters, less than half of my yearly average  * I spent 182 days without my children, and experienced what alone