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525, 600 minutes

{Instagram Best Nine of 2018}

It's hard to believe that a year has almost past since deciding to reclaim this sacred space for 2018. To say it was a pivotal year would be the understatement of a lifetime. While from the outside looking in it would seem that not much happened, but from the inside a complete transformation was occurring on a cellular level. Here's how it all shook out...

* I moved from my Plum Island home of 12 years, and separated from my husband after 25 years together.

* I wrote 57 blog posts at Under A Pink Sky

* I created 0 online workshops

* I hosted 0 Creative Brunches

* I participated in 0 creative collaborations

* I created 1 offering in my Etsy Shop

* I made 1 painting

* I taught 1 Embody Love workshop

* I started reading fiction again, and read a lot of really great stories.

* I sent 24 newsletters, less than half of my yearly average 

* I spent 182 days without my children, and experienced what alone really and truly feels like

* I had my lowest earning year, ever, in my business

* I began doing non-profit work and started a collaboration with Girls Inc.

* I had 1 houseguest though the entire year, up until August

* I had 1 friend gathering at the end of the summer

* I was a guest speaker on body-positivity twice

* I had 1 family gathering in November

* I started running, mostly to burn off years of unshed emotions, and actually love it. Who knew?

* I took a million baths and let the warm water hold me

* I became faculty and a Facilitator Trainer for the Embody Love Movement Foundation

* I began teaching art as yoga in a local studio

* I hosted my first workshop at Studiofemme House in the very last week of December, where I chose my word of 2019... which is WORTH

* I asked for help. A lot.

* I cried. A lot.

* I felt at peace. A lot.

* I became clear about so many important things, mostly that I belong to Me before anyone else.

* I finally was able to feel the edges of where I begin and end, for the first time ever.

* I began having hard, but healing conversations, with my mom and dad

* I got closer to my brother

* I learned about intimacy in a single friendship that was unwavering, deep and true

* I survived. I found a new level of gratitude. I planted new seeds for thriving.

* I believe anything is possible.


  1. It has been a joy and a privilege to witness your journey this past year. A heroic journey, truly. Your story has filled me with hope. Much love --

    1. Thank you so much for being a part of my story. I can't tell you how much it has meant <3 xoxo


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