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planner cover 2019

I finally got to sit down to create the cover of this year's Planner Pad, an anchoring yearly ritual I've been doing for almost a decade, and one I value and adore. As the process of Inner Alchemy Collage goes, I had no idea what story might be told. These pieces seem to come together on their own as a sort of mission statement for the year ahead. It's who I am in this moment, while also leaving space for who I might become at the end of 365 days. I reads like an oracle card, and as I learn new lessons and gain more experiences from month to month the reading changes and clarifies, and new insight is revealed.

What showed up for me was the very clear path I am on to take more of my work into grassroots spaces, "from studio to street", and my Studiofemme and Embody Love mission to focus on more "freedom for every body". There is space being made for love and desire, for creativity, for cycles and seasons, for new stories and old, for being seen, for spirit, and for community. Clear lines and stronger boundaries are being drawn, around my heart, in my work, and in all my relationships. This trip around the sun, I aim to claim more of my wholeness and worth.

It's a BIG vision this year(!), bold and bright and true, after so much softness and gray in 2018. 17 days in, I can already feel the not so subtle ways things are already shifting on the inside. Old narratives are being reorganized and integrated into the present moment. My heart is healing and waking up after a long, fallow year of quiet, stillness and grief.

It feels so good to finally be ready for whatever is meant to come next. Time to seal it all in with some sage and smoky quartz.

Tips to create your own personalized cover (on a planner, journal or notebook of any kind!):

* Use magazines that you love (or even your own art or photos). Yes, even those ones you've stashed away as precious... these tend to have the most resonant words and imagery!

* Follow your embodied intuition...cut out whatever feels like a deep and desirous, YES.

* Trim a sheet of blank sticker paper (you can buy it in packs at Staples, and has a million great uses!) to the size of your cover, minus 1/4" all around. Use this as your collage substrate for an easier way to work and a more sturdy cover collage. Don't skimp on the glue while creating!

* Once completed, you can round off the corners if needed, then simply peel and stick!

* Imbibe your freshly adorned planner with whatever mojo feels good to seal in your magic and intentions.

Here's to your gorgeous year and all the possibility!